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Great Britain Stamp issues for 2015


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Alice in Wonderland 1st class stamp. 1st class Humber Bridge  stamp. Penny Black 1st class stamp. 122p Bee stamp.
Heraldic Lion. Sydney Harbour stamp. Darth Vader Star Wars stamp. Squirrell faststamp.

6 January

Alice in Wonderland     
20 January New Greetings/Smilers in MS,  retail booklet & generic sheet
18 February Post and Go Faststamps Working Sail
19 February Inventive Britain set and PSB 
5 March British Bridges 
18 March Commemorative Sheet - The Post Office Rifles, World War1 Centenary 
24 March New Machin and Country definitives for changed postage rates  
1 April Comedy Greats set and retail booklet
17-18 April Post and Go machines at 86th Scottish Congress, Perth 
24 April Commemorative sheet: Anthony Trollope Bicentenary 
6 May 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black (MS), including retail booklet, press sheet, generic sheet, medal cover 
7-9 May Post and Go machines at Essen International Stamp Fair
13 May Post and Go Faststamps - Heraldic Beasts (Europhilex) 
13 May Europhilex London 2015 Exhibition sheet with Hello stamp.
13 May Europhilex miniature sheet - Additional inscription on Penny Black sheet
14 May First World War Centenary (Europhilex) 
2 June Magna Carta 800th Anniversary 
18 June Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary 
4 July Post and Go machines at Midpex, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre
16 July Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary  
14-19 August Post and Go machines at Singpex, Singapore
18 August Bees set and miniature sheet, and retail booklet 
20 August Commemorative Sheet: The Gurkhas - Commemorating 200 years of service. 
9 September Long To Reign Over Us - HM Queen Elizabeth II, the Longest Reigning Monarch.  
16 September Post and Go Faststamps - Sea Travel (Stampex)  
17 September Commemorative Sheet - Animals of World War I  
18 September Rugby World Cup set and retail booklet (Stampex)    
20 October Star Wars: The Force Awakens  
29-31 October Post and Go machines at Sindelfingen, Germany  
3 November Christmas
6-9 November Post and Go machines at Paris, France  
9 November Lunar New Year of the Monkey - Generic Sheet  
16 November Post and Go Faststamps - Winter Fur and Feathers (1st and 2nd class)  
20 November Digitally-printed Sea Travel Post and Go stamps used at Hong Kong International Stamp Exhibition.  
17 December Star Wars Prestige Stamp Book