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Great Britain Stamps - issue programme for 2011


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1st class Captain Scarlet stamp.1st class stamp showing Dumbledore, Harry Potter,1st class stamp showing Harlech Castle.
11 January
Classic Children's Television, the Genius of Gerry Anderson - set of 6 & lenticular miniature sheet

Thunderbirds Retail Booklet - 1st class Machin with year code M11L
24 January
Pictorial Faststamps, Birds 2 - Garden Birds 2
1 February
Classic Locomotives of England, MS
12 February
Indipex Stamp Exhibition Generic Smilers Sheet
24 February
West End Stage Musicals set of 6
24 February
Retail Booklet: British Heart Foundation 50th Anniv: has Medical Breakthroughs Beta-Blockers 1st stamp
8 March
Magical Realms - including Discworld, Narnia, Harry Potter, King Arthur: set of 8
8 March
Machin definitives - low values go self-adhesive.
22 March
50th Anniv World Wide Fund for Nature - set of 10, MS & PSB - Europa issue.
22 March
Retail booklets 4 x 1st Large, 4 x 2nd Large, no printer's imprint
29 March
New Machin definitive & Country stamps for rate change: 68p, 76p, £1.10 & £1.65 Machins all self-adhesive sheets of 25 with security features and gummed sheets of 25 Country stamps at 68p & £1.10
30 March
Commemorative Sheet (premium price) 50th anniversary of Jaguar E-type
12 April
Royal Shakespeare Company 50th Anniversary set and MS
21 April
Royal Wedding
5 May
William Morris & Co 150th Anniversary
19 May
Pictorial Faststamps - Birds 3, Water Birds
14 June
Rev Wm Awdry Birth Centenary Thomas the Tank Engine stories
14 June
14 June  Prince Philip 90th Birthday Commemorative Sheet
27 July
Olympics/Paralympics III - and retail booklet 5, a Commemorative Sheet and a Composite Sheet of all 30 stamps.
28 July
Phila'nippon 11, Japan, Exhibition Generic Smilers Sheet.
23 August
The Crown Jewels
23 August
Classic Locomotives of England retail booklet
9 September
World's First Scheduled Airmail - miniature sheet and prestige stamp book
14 September
Arnold Machin Birth Centenary miniature sheet
14 September
Arnold Machin Centenary Faststamps at Stampex, including 40g
14 September
Birds 3 Faststamps at Stampex produced in strips of 6 from Hytech machine (no 40g)
15 September
Kings & Queens, House of Hanover, set & MS (Stampex issue)
15 September
Olympics/Paralympics retail booklet 6
15 September
350th Anniv of the Postmark - Generic Smilers Sheet
16 September
Pictorial Faststamps, Birds 4 - Sea birds.
16 September
Birds 4 Faststamps from Hytech machines at Stampex - includes 40g version.
13 October
A-Z of the United Kingdom (part 1 - 12 stamps, A-L)
25 October
Retail booklets: 6 x 1st with 2012 Stamp Calendar on inside cover. 12 x 2nd, 12 x 1st, 4 x 2nd Large, 4 x 1st Large all with Forestry Stewardship Council logo.
8 November
Christmas 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible - set of 7, MS, Smilers Sheet, Stamp booklets.