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Great Britain Stamps - issue programme for 2005

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1st class stamp HM The Queen at the Trooping of the COlour. Triumph Speed twin - British Motorcycles 47p stamp. Christmas 1st class Madonna & Child stamp.

11 January

Farmyard Animals - a block of 10 farmyard animals in 'woodcut' designs. Animals shown: pigs, ducks, horses, cattle, chicks, sheep, turkeys, geese, a border collie dog and Bagot goat.. A Smilers Sheet includes two sets of the animal stamps.

27 January

Advertising booklet of definitive stamps. See picture and commentary on home page.

8 February

A British Journey - Southwest England - a set of 6 views: Old Harry Rocks, Studland Bay; Wheal Coates Tin Mine, St Agnes; Start Point (lighthouse); Horton Down, Wiltshire; Chiselcombe, Exmoor; and St James's Stone, Lundy Island

24 February

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - a set of 6, Miniature Sheet of 6 and Prestige Book celebrating the Bronte sisters.

15 March

The Centenary of the Magic Circle - A set of 5 stamps and a Smilers sheet containing 20 x 1st class stamps.

22 March

50th Anniversary of the Wilding Castle definitives - miniature sheet containing the 4 stamps with new values.

5 April

New definitives due to postage rate increases, changes in printer and phosphor bands. See also reprints 26 April etc.

9 April

Royal Wedding: The Prince of Wales. Miniature sheet of two pairs of 30p & 68p stamps .

21 April

World Heritage Sites - set of 8 stamps, joint issue with Australia.

21 April

A "Pacific Explorer" Smilers Sheet with 'Hello' stamps for the International Stamp Exhibition in Sydney

26 April
10 May & 26 July

Definitive reprints, changes in printer and phosphor bands. 26 April (35p Machin), 10 May (42p England, Scotland, Wales), 26 July (42p N Ireland). See our page-full of enlargements which show the differences between the printingss.

7 June

The Trooping of the Colour: set of 6 stamps and miniature sheet depicting scenes from this royal military parade.

21 June

Smilers sheet 20 x 1st class White Ensign (naval) Flag stamps as in the 2001 Flags MS. Labels depict signalling flags.

5 July

60th anniversary of the end of World War 2 Miniature Sheet.

19 July

British Motorcycles (transport series) - set of 6 stamps showing vintage bikes.

26 July

Definitive reprints, Northern Ireland 42p by De La Rue. Also new Advertisement book (see below)

5 August

2012 Olympic Games. London is chosen as the venue for the Games in 2012 - miniature sheet.

23 August

Europa: Gastronomy. Changing Tastes in Britain, set of 6 stamps

15 September

50th ann. Independent Television - set of 6 & Smilers Sheet

4 October

Pictorial 'Greetings' definitives A set of 6 self-adhesive pictorial definitives in a booklet; also available from personalised Smilers Sheets. Two different printing processes now revealed for these.

6 October

England Win the Ashes miniature sheet to celebrate England's cricketing triumph over Australia.

18 October

200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar - 6 stamps (2 x 1st, 2 x 42p, 2 x 68p), Miniature Sheet & Prestige Book

1 November

Christmas set of 6 and miniature sheet 'Madonna & Child'.

1 November

Christmas Robins Smilers Sheet with 1st & 2nd class stamps featuring robins, and a cat & polar bear on the labels!

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