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Stamps Issue programme for 2003

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1st class Transports of Delight stamp47p Mayflower 'Pub Signs' stamp1st class Everest expedition stamp
14 January Birds of Prey. A block of 10 stamps. 5 barn owl and 5 kestrel pictures.
21 January Flowers Greetings Stamps in 'Smilers' sheets of 20 with greetings labels.
4 February Special Occasions. 6 x 1st class stamps. Also available in 'Smilers' sheet.
25 February Medical Science - DNA & Genome. A set of 5 stamps and a Prestige Book
4 March (1) Self adhesive Hello! book containing 2 x 1st class 'Hello' stamps and 4 x 1st class gold definitives.
(2) 1st Class Wales stamp reprint, now printed by De La Rue instead of Walsall.
25 March Fun Fruit & Veg set of 10 x 1st class
27 March New Universal stamps for letters between 20gr and 40gr. NVI Machin definitives with airmail chevrons included in the design.
29 April Extreme Endeavours . 50th anniversary of the conquest of Everest in 1953 by Edmund Hillary, plus Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, Freya Stark, Sir Francis Chichester, & Amy Johnson
6 May 34p lime green Machin definitive - this is for the 1st class inland 60-100gr rate.
20 May Wilding II Miniature sheet. Complimenting the one issued in December 2002.
28 May Wales 2nd class and Machin 1st class gold coil reprints.
2 June 50th Anniversary of the Coronation. 10 x 1st class stamps and a Prestige Book with Wilding definitives and a reprints of the 1953 1/3d Coronation stamp
17 June 21st Birthday of Prince William of Wales. A set of 4 stamps.
1 July Definitive High Values Reprints. The 1.50, 2, 3, 5 Machin definitives reprinted using gravure instead of intaglio process. 1st class gold definitive in gummed sheets printed by De La Rue.
15 July The Beauty of Scotland - 6 stamps. The first in a series of 10 regional, pictorial stamp sets under the title 'A British Journey'. 1st class stamp from this set also in a self-adhesive book with 1st class gold Machins.
29 July Cartoons 'Smilers' sheet - these 1996 stamps are now reissued in Smilers sheets of 20, rather than the previous sheets of 10. The labels have cross-word puzzles and the clues are in the bottom margin.
12 August Pub Signs - Europa - signs of Inns. The Station, Black Swan, The Cross Keys, The Mayflower, The Barley Sheaf.
18 September Transport - Toys. A set of 5 stamps and Miniature sheet continuing the transport theme, including a miniature sheet, and self-adhesive booklet. Meccano biplane, Wells Brimtoy tinplate bus, Hornby locomotive, Dinky Toy Ford Zephyr, and Mettoy Space Ship Eagle (Dan Dare).
30 September Christmas Smilers Sheet - the 2001 Robin 1st class self-adhesive stamp now available for personalisation and a generic sheet issued for collectors.
7 October 250th Anniversary of the British Museum. 6 stamps commemorating the death of Hans Sloane who bequeathed a collection to the nation, and to celebrate the founding this 'great storehouse of knowledge'.
14 October The 16 pictorial 'country' stamps issue for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (2nd, 1st, E & 68p values) reissued with a white margin round each stamp to improve mechanised sorting.
4 November
Christmas - Ice sculpture 6 self-adhesive stamps and two self-adhesive booklets. Self-adhesive Smilers sheets were produced for 1st & 2nd class stamps.
19 December
England Winners - Rugby World Cup 2003 - Miniature sheet of four stamps.

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