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Stamps Issue programme for 2004

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Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liners stamp Father Christmas first day postmark Classic Locomotives 28p stamp

13 January

Classic Locomotives A set of 6 stamps and miniature sheet featuring steam locomotives.

30 January

Smilers sheet for Hong Kong Stamp Expo 04. A new stamp printed by Walsall SP.

3 February

Special Occasions. 5 x 1st class stamps and a 'Smilers' sheet.

26 February

Lord of the Rings - 50th Anniversary of publication - se-tenant block of 10 stamps.

16 March

A British Journey: Northern Ireland. Set of 6 stamps.

'Letters by Night' Prestige Book which marks the end of the railway Travelling Post Offices (TPOs)

1 April

New definitives. Self adhesive World Postcard NVI; also 7p, 35p, 39p, 40p, & 43p in sheets.

6 April

Entente Cordiale - joint issue with France. FDCs with both British and French stamps are available

13 April

Ocean Liners. The Queen Mary 2 and five other famous British liners: 6 stamps, MS & booklet.

11 May 40p definitive Country stamps for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

25 May

Royal Horticultural Society Bicentenary. A MS and 6 stamps, and a Smilers Sheet.

15 June

A British Journey: Wales. The third set of 6 stamps in this series.

29 July

"Rule Britannia" Union Flag Smilers Sheet

10 August

250th Anniversary of the Royal Society of Arts set of 6 stamps including the Penny Black.

16 September

Woodland Animals. A block of 10 stamps showing common and rarer woodland wildlife.

5 October

Opening of Scottish Parliament building. A MS with 2nd class, 1st class & 40p Scotland definitives.

12 October

150th Anniversary of the Crimean War. A set of 6 stamps commemorating this conflict in Russia.

2 November

Christmas. Set of 6 stamps, MS and Smilers sheet all designed by Raymond Briggs

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