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Great Britain Stamps - issue programme for 2010


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Classic Albums Division Bell stamp.1st class Tabby Cat stamp.Olympic rowing 1st class stamp.2010 1.46 Christmas stamp Wallace & Gromit.

7 January  

British Design Classics II - Album Covers

Olympics Retail Booklet 1

26 January 

New Smilers Stamps -Miniature sheet & generic sheet

Retail book of 6 x 1st class with new postcode advertisement.  Machin 1st class with security code MSIL and new MA10

2 February

Girl Guide Centenary MS

24 February Retail booklets with new security codes: 12 x 1st & 12 x 2nd with MTIL and new MA10

25 February

350th Anniversary of the Royal Society

Olympics Retail Booklet 2 - Machin 1st class with security code MCIL and new MA10

1 March

Castles of Wales generic Smilers Sheet (last in series)

11 March

150th anniv Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

23 March

Kings & Queens: House of Stewart

30 March

Festival of Stamps Retail Booklet

New Machin definitive & Country stamps for rate change

April Golden Machin Horizon labels disrtibuted for general use in Wales.  No official first day of use; now extended nationally.

13 April

Endangered Mammals

6 May

Accession of King George V (London 2010 issue) - a second version has an Exhibition overprint.

8 May The King's Stamps (ditto - 1st day of London Festival of Stamps), includes PSB with self-adhesive Machin 2nd, 1st & 50p new security codes MA10 and MAPL, but two types of security slits (See blog).
8 May Other London 2010 Festival of Stamps products:  Machin Souvenir Sheet containing 11 stamps;  Exhibition Smilers Generic Sheet (similar to those issued for overseas exhibitions); new 10th Anniversary Smilers Sheet Generic Sheet; 1929 PUC Souvenir containing facsimiles of the PUC 1
8 May Retail booklets with new security codes: 4 x 1st Large & 4 x 2nd Large with MFIL and new MA10
13 May Britain Alone (commemoration of events of 1940)
13 May New Machin definitives in coils with security features - Security codes MRIL and MA10.
18 May  Commemorative Sheet: Halley's Comet

15 June 

Kings & Queens: House of Stuart

15 June  Mammals retail booklet
8 July  Commemorative Sheet: British Grand Prix

27 July  

Olympics & Paralympics II, and retail booklet #3
10 August  London Eye Commemorative Sheet

19 August 

Great British Railways I - set of 6

19 August  New retail booklets 12 x 2nd, 6 x 1st with no printer name.  We've found no new security codes on these.
15 September  Battle of Britain Smilers Sheet and Spitfire Design Classics Retail booklet 

16 September 

Medical Breakthroughs (originally scheduled for February 2011)

17 September Faststamps illustrated with birds dispensed from Post & Go Machine at Autumn Stampex, & 30 more nationwide.
12 October  Children's Books Europa - Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, by A A Milne, as predicted months ago.
12 October  Olympics Retail booklet #4
26 October  Special Delivery Machin Definitive NVIs
28 October Remembrance: National Arboretum Commemorative Sheet

2 November

Wallace & Gromit Christmas - set of 7, MS, Smilers Sheet, Stamp booklets