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Great Britain Stamps - issue programme for 2013


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      London Underground train stamp. Gordob Banks - football heroes - stamp. Stamp showing swallowtail butterfly. Cutty Sark Stamp. Dinosaur stamp.

 3 January  

Machin Definitives - in new colours;
England/Wales Cartor litho printing.

9 January  London Underground set, MS, retail booklet
7 February
Year of the Snake generic smiler
20 February
2nd class Machin Post and Go Faststamp in blue. 
21 February
Jane Austen (Stampex issue)
22 February Pictorial Faststamps: Freshwater Life - Pond Life
26 March Classic TV - 50 years of Dr Who: 11 stamps, MS, retail book, prestige book, generic smiler sheet etc
27 March 
Machin definitives for new tariff, new colours. Country definitives  
16 April Great Britons 10 x 1st
16 April 50th anniversary of the launch of the Royal Yacht Britannia Commemorative Sheet  
1 May
Bicentenary of the birth of David Livingstone, explorer Commemorative Sheet 
9 May 150th anniv of the Football Association
10 May Generic Smilers Australia 2013 Stamp Exhibition 
Post and Go Faststamps - Australia 2013 World Stamp Exhibition
30 May HM The Queen - 60th Anniversary of the Coronation 
18 June
Classic Locomotives of Northern Ireland MS & booklet
25 June Post and Go stamps: Freshwater Life - Lakes 
11 July Butterflies 
2 August Bangkok World Stamp Exhibition - Exhibition Smilers Sheet 
  8 August Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion miniature sheet 
13 August
British Auto Legends  
19 September
Merchant Navy and Arctic Convoys (Stampex issue) 
19 September Double-mixed retail booklet: Contains RMS Cutty Sark from Merchant Navy and Morris Minor Van from Auto Legends.
19 September
Bernard Mackennal Commemorative Sheet and Seahorse High Values facsimile pack
20 September
Pictorial Faststamps - Freshwater Life - Rivers 
10 October
6 November Christmas