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Great Britain Stamps - issue programme for 2012


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Annigoni portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.The white cliffs of Dover. 1st class diamond jubilee special stamp.Mr Pickwick - Charles Dickens stamp. Chris Hoy Olympic Gold MEdal stamp. Highland cow design for Faststamp.  Santa 1st class Christmas stamp.

 5 January  

Olympic & Paralympic Games Definitive Stamps

10 January  Roald Dahl (author)
20 January
Year of the Dragon generic smilers sheet
2 February
The House of Windsor (Kings and Queens 6) Set and MS
6 February
HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee MS & definitive 
22 February
Diamond Jubilee Faststamps (at Stampex only) 
23 February
Britons of Distinction 
24 February Pictorial Faststamps - sheep 
8 March Classic Locomotives of Scotland MS 
20 March 
World of Comics
10 April A-Z of the UK, part 2 (14 stamps) 
10 April Commemorative sheet: RMS Titanic 
24 April 
Pictorial Faststamps - pigs 

25 April
HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Large Letter definitives
New Tariff Machin and Country definitives 
1 May
Commemorative Sheet: James Bond 50th Anniversary
15 May Design Classics, Great British Fashion 
21 May Union Flag Faststamp 
31 May HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - set, PSB & retail booklet
18 June
Jakarta Exhibition Generic Sheet  
19 June Charles Dickens 
27 June
Olympic Venues Smiler Sheet
27 June
Scotland 1st & 2nd definitives by Cartor in Litho.
27 July Olympic Games (Welcome)  incl PSB
2 - 13 August GB Olympic Gold medal winners 
29 August Paralympic Games (Welcome)
31 Aug - 10 Sept
Paralympic Gold Medal Winners 
26 September
Union Flag Faststamp with Diamond Jubilee overprint - Stampex only 
27 September Olympic and Paralympic Games (Memories)
27 September
Retail booklet - Scottish locomotives  
28 September
Pictorial Faststamps - Cattle 
1 October
Retail booklet - Diamond Jubilee 6 x 1st  
5 October
The Goon Show Commemorative Sheet  
16 October Space Science 
23 October
Lest We Forget - definitive -sized self-adhesive poppy. 
6 November Christmas 2012    
8 November Notts County FC Commemorative Sheet