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Sheffield Scout Post 1984 stamp showing Lord Baden Powell, Founder Chief Scout.
Lord Baden Powell, Founder Chief Scout 1908-1941

GB: Christmas postal delivery by Scouts and other charitable groups

Although Royal Mail had a monopoly on the delivery of mail for most of the year, from 1981 charities - principally Scouts, Guides and Church Groups - have been permitted to arrange the collection and distribution of greetings cards each year for a limited period before Christmas. While some rely simply on a rubber stamp to denote payment, many produce one or more stamps. The bigger the operation, the more 'professional' the stamp design and production of the stamps. While some places use the same (unvalued) design over a period of years, the most advanced produce a set of 5 or more multicoloured stamps in different thematic designs each year.

Sheffield Scouts Post

Following the change in the law in 1981 members of the Woodseats Venture Unit (WVU), at the time without a meeting place, decided that a Christmas Postal Service would be a good way of raising some money. They advertised to deliver in just the 'South Sheffield' area and set up all the relevant collection points. Through sheer determination and will power 11,000 cards were sorted in one leader's house before being delivered at an average rate of two cards per street.

In the following years more and more Sheffield groups joined the scheme meaning a wider area for delivery and more cards in the system. In 1985 the scheme took in such areas as Stocksbridge and Chapeltown, while in 1991, an agreement with the Chesterfield scheme enabled the area involved to extend further. The numbers of cards increased year on year until it reached a peak in 1989, the year of the threatened postal strike. Since then there has been a gradual decline in the number of cards passing through the system.

Sheffield has by far the largest and most sophisticated scheme in Britain. Many of the other Scout Post services, operating in areas such as Derby, Sutton Coldfield and the Wirrall, have based their system on Sheffield. Even Scout groups in other countries have contacted Sheffield for advice.

These paragraphs have been condensed from 'Scout Post - Sorted' by Matt Richards on from whom I would have sought permission if I had found a way to contact him directly - so if you read this, Matt, please get in touch!
That website has now withered away from the BT servers; another one with good information on these and other Scout Posts is John Crabbe's.

Sheffield's 20th Year

This press release was produced by the Sheffield Scout Post for 2000:

Sheffield Scout Post will function from the 29th November 2000, for the 20th year.
An area 35 miles long by 10 miles wide (55 x 16km), serving an estimated 1,000,000 population, has seen the delivery of over 750,000 cards per annum in recent years.
Charitable Donations (outside the Scout Movement which it helps finance), exceed £150,000 to-date.
Five stamps, Se-tenant, representing The Three Kings, The Shepherds, The Stable, The Star of Bethlehem, and The Angel Gabriel have been produced for Christmas 2000. Printed in five colours, predominantly in blue and yellow, they are 15p each and First Day Covers are £1.50p. When ordering please add a donation to cover postage and packing.

To obtain these stamps and covers and further information please email Greg Spring.

From my collection of Scout Post Stamps

I have nothing from 1981, the first year of operations, and I have found no information about any stamps or markings used in that year.

First Day Cover produced for the second year of operation, 1982, with 10p stamps showing five views of Sheffield City Centre: The Crucible Theatre, The Town Hall, The Cathedral, The City Hall, and Fargate.

First Day cover of Sheffield Scout Post - Woodseats Venture Unit for 1982.

Selection of Sheffield stamps 1984-199X

Single 1982 Sheffield Scout Post stamp with straight-line cancel. In 1982 the Sheffield stamps were cancelled by a two-line handstamp reading DEIVERED BY SCOUTS / MERRY CHRISTMAS 1982.

From 1984 (or possibly 1983) Scout Groups used circular numbered handstamps inscribed SHEFFIELD SCOUTS at the top, with the year at the foot. The Year was included until 1990 (the 10th year), but was not included on the postmarks in later years. Some Scout Groups also apply an additional rubber stamp to the front (or occasionally the reverse) of the envelope showing the identity of the group or unit (see 1986 picture below).

The Chief Scouts pictured on 1984 stamps
1984 Sheffield Scout Stamp showing Chief Scout Lord Rowallan 1945-59. 1984 Sheffield Scout Stamp showing Chief Scout Lord Maclean 1959-71. 1984 Sheffield Scout Stamp showing Chief Scout Sir William Gladstone 1972-82. 1984 Sheffield Scout Stamp showing Chief Scout Major-General Michael Walsh 1982-88.
Lord Rowallan
Lord Maclean
Sir William Gladstone
Maj-Gen Michael Walsh

1985 Sheffield Scout Post fox stamp on cover.1985 - Fox Typical Christmas card envelope cancelled with #35 postmark, & Rabbit cancelled with #38
1985 Sheffield Scout Post rabbit stamp.

The Press release quoted above indicates just how big the Sheffield Scout Post has become in 20 years, but as early as 1985 so many cards with Scout stamps were being placed in the Royal Mail postal system that the Sheffield Post Office found it necessary to obtain a rubber stamp to redirect them back to the Scout Movement:

misdelivered Sheffield Scout Post cover with Royal Mail rubber stamp to redirect them back to the Scout Postal System.

The letter was addressed to no.142 Club Garden Road, but this was wrong. The resident of no.142 did not know the correct address - and we must assume that they did not know how to contact the Scout Post system - so they returned the letter to the only system they new, the Royal Mail system.
The handstamp reads:


Few examples of this mark appear on the philatelic market.

The 1 9 8 6 stamps depict garden birds, this mint corner block showing part of the printer's imprint:

        House Sparrows     /     Blue tits     /     Robins Bullfinches Chaffinches
mint corner block of 1986 Sheffield Scout stamps (wild birds) showing part of the printer's imprint Sheffield Scout Stamp 1986 - Bullfinches Sheffield Scout Stamp 1986 - Chaffinches
This mark is from one of the many Scout Groups & Venture Scout Units which marked the items that they processed. Most are ordinary straight-line or two-line unboxed marks, but a few are circular or illustrated; most are in black or blue-black, but occasional marks are seen in blue or red.

The 1 9 8 7 stamps depict butterflies, four of the stamps are shown here:
the Peacock, a pair of Tortoiseshells, a Red Admiral and a Copper.

Sheffield Scout Stamp 1987 Peacock Butterfly. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1987 Tortoiseshell Butterflies. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1987 Red Admintal Butterfly.Sheffield Scout Stamp 1987 Copper Butterfly.

For the 1 9 8 8 'Mitchell', the designer, moved away from nature to more traditional Christmas subjects:

Sheffield Scout Stamp 1988 Carol Singers. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1988 Buidling a Snowman. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1988 Reindeer & Sleigh. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1988 Father Christmas & tree.Sheffield Scout Stamp 1988 Ice skating.

Traditional Christmas Carols were used for the 1 9 8 9 designs, and a change from the framed design to one which incorporated the opening lines of the carols, and the opening bars of the music - though not always the matching full opening words:
I saw three ships come sailing in ... Good King Wenceslas looked out While shepherds watched their flocks... We three kings of orient are... Away in a manger, no crib for a bed...
Sheffield Scout Stamp 1989 I saw three ships come sailing in. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1989 Good King Wenceslas looked out. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1989 While shepherds watched their flocks. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1989 We three kings of orient are. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1989 Away in a manger, no crib for a bed

Sheffield Scout Stamp 1990 10th Anniversary Woodseats Venture Unit badge - hedghog

1 9 9 0 was the 10th year of Sheffield Scout Post operations, and a single commemorative stamp was produced showing the hedgehog symbol of the Woodseats Venture Unit .
This was the first stamp to have the inscription Sheffield Scout Christmas Post, and the price was increased for the first time, to 13p. The Royal Mail price for 2nd class post was by now 17p, having been increased from 15p in 1989. 1990 appears to be the last year in which new postmarks were made showing the year, all subsequent ones being blank at the foot (see 1991 below).

The Anglo-Soviet space mission was the subject of the 1 9 9 1 13p stamps, which showed the Mission Badge, British Astronaut Helen Sharman, a Soyuz Rocket, the Mir Space Station, and the Return Capsule

Sheffield Scout Stamp 1991 Anglo-Soviet space mission Mission Badge Sheffield Scout Stamp 1991 Anglo-Soviet space mission Helen Sharman Sheffield Scout Stamp 1991 Anglo-Soviet space mission Soyuz Rocket Sheffield Scout Stamp 1991 Anglo-Soviet space mission Mir Space Station Sheffield Scout Stamp 1991 Anglo-Soviet space mission Return Capsule Sheffield Scout Stamp undated Postmark 1991

For 1 9 9 2 there was a reversion to traditional Christmas subjects, this time traditional toys, with the growing obsession in Britain and around the world with teddy-bears resulting in one of these furry creatures being shown on every stamp, along with all the other toys.

Sheffield Scout Stamp 1992 Teddy bear and rocking horse. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1992 Teddy bear, pram and dolls' house.Sheffield Scout Stamp 1992 Teddy bear, bed and toys. Sheffield Scout Stamp 1992 Teddy bear, tree and hamper.Sheffield Scout Stamp 1992 Teddy bear and doll in rocking chair.

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